UNOCEL Oxidized cellulose (textile and fibrous)


UNOCEL is an effective haemsotastic product which is suitable to use on capillar, venous bleeding, parenchymatous organ bleeding,resection area on surgical operations and other cases which other haemostaci agents can not be able to use.

UNOCEL fully haemostatsis with in 2-3 minutes. With UNOCEL’s special high density texture, it easly controls large area bleeding surgery areas. According to bleeding susceptibility and applicant tissue , UNOCEL absorbable in 12-72 hours and entirely eliminated from the body in 7-21 days.

With the carboxyl group content on UNOCEL is bactericidal and bacteriostatic. UNOCEL kills wide range of gram positive and gram negative bacterias.

UNOCEL is allowable hypoallergenic organisms and great positive effects on wound healing.

UNOCEL is manufactured with totally natural and biocompatible raw materials. Because of that UNOCEL is totally absorbable in body.

UNOCEL is suitable for use in general surgery and digestive surgery, neurosurgery, plastic surgery,gynaecology,urology,stomatlogy,traumatology and all other branches of surgery it could be applied into cavities (after extirpation of tumors) as well as endoscopy surgical interventions.

UNOCEL is also indicated for use in dental application – oral surgery, exodontia, tooth extraction and other procedures in the oral cavity.

UNOCEL is suitable to use in veterinary applications, both surgical and superficial treatment.

UNOCEL is applicable to bleeding area with cutting to required size and suture to the tissue if recommended.

50mm x 12mm
50mm x 75mm
50mm x 90mm
50mm x 100 mm
50mm x 350 mm
90mm x 100 mm
90mm x 150 mm
100mm x 100 mm
100mm x 200 mm